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Web Design
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web Louis Rosenfeld / Peter Morville
  Excellent book for developing the organization structure of the user interface of your Web site. Focus on design techniques and approaches
W3C guidelines for Accessibility
  The group that defines the HTML standard has a set of references for how to make web pages accessible. Important stuff for increasing the number of people that can sucessfully visit your site.
Color and Contrast in Design
  A web site that provides interactive examples of the use of color and the implication of color combinations
  WebWord Usability Weblog. Daily links, most of which are usability-related
  The Interaction Designer's Coffee Break
Interface Design/Usability
Gary Perlmans UI reading list,
  Good annotated list, with cover shots, of a UI researcher's book list.
Jakob Nielsen's UI reading list,
  Another good annotated list of a UI researcher's book list
  Usability Consultants in Greece
Conferences on Design
  Perhaps the most popular interface design and human factors conference. Previous proceedings available on the Web site.
  A major international conference presenting leading-edge research and development in all aspects of interactive computer systems and technology.
UPA - Usability Professionals' Association,
  A forum to promote usability concepts and techniques worldwide.
Guidelines/Data and References
Usability Heuristics,
  Nielsen's summary of heuristic evaluation. This is a simple way to review UI and make sure it solves problems. After you have pictures or with an existing UI, you consider each heuristic and note any items that aren't up to par.
Graphics, Visualization & Usability Center,
  GVU does a study every year with demographics and statistics. Most people are stunned that stuff like this actually exists, for free, on the Internet.
The User Interface Domain,
  The User Interface Domain seeks to improve all user/computer communications on the Web. In particular, the Domain is working on formats and languages that will present information to users with more accuracy and a higher level of control.

Other Related Sites
Bad Designs,
  List of real-world bad user interfaces with pictures (non software UI).
Microsoft Accessibility website,
  The place to go for accessibility information and resources for Microsoft products.
Other Collections of Resources
Alertbox ,
  Jakob Nielsen's semi-monthly column on Web usability. Usually pretty sharp, meaty stuff. Some focus on business issues, but mostly UI/usability.
Ask.tog ,
  Interface designer Bruce Tognazzi's Web site. Monthly columns on UI design issues.
Usable Web ,
  Clearinghouse of Web resources on UI design, with a focus on Web page and Web site design. Tons of stuff, but not incredibly well organized.
UIDesign.NET ,
  Collection of essays, pointers and references for interaction designers. Includes book reviews and interviews with UI designers from successful or interesting projects.

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