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Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
Chris Johnson, Dept. of Computing Science, Univ. of Glasgow.
Foundations and Principles of HCISaul Greenberg, University of Calgary.
Research Methodologies in HCISaul Greenberg, University of Calgary.
Human Factors in Computer and Information SystemsBen Shneiderman, University of Maryland.
Human-Computer Interaction SeminarTerry Winograd, Stanford University.
Models and Theories of Human-Computer InteractionJack Carroll, Virginia Tech.
Interaction Design beyond Human Computer InteractionYvonne Rogers, Helen Sharp, Jennifer J. Preece.
Designing the User InterfaceBen Shneiderman, University of Maryland.
Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction DesignTerry Winograd, Stanford University.
Applicability of Software Usabiity Evaluation TechniquesMsc Dissertation of Simon Wilkinson
The Java Look and Feel Design GuidelinesSun Microsystems, Inc.
Interface Design for Computer-based Learning EnvironmentsMarshall G. Jones and James R. Okey
Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and DesignersMicrosoft Corporation
WEB STYLE GUIDE, 2nd editionPatrick J. Lynch, Sarah Horton
Choosing Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Appropriate Research MethodsCHARM, University of Maryland
Task-Centered User Interface DesignClayton Lewis and John Rieman
Nonprofit Websites - Cutting Through the Emaze (1,3MB pdf)Todd Baker, Vice President, Grizzard
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced TopicsSun Microsystems, Inc
Apple Human Interface GuidelinesApple Developer Connection
Seminar on Cognitive Modeling for UI DesignProfessor David E. Kieras,  Professor Bonnie E. John and  Lisa Neal

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